Game Of Thrones Arya Stark Quotes

But you didn t slaughter every one of the starks.

Game of thrones arya stark quotes. 10 needle was jon snow s smile jon snow arya s brother actually cousin but that s another story got her a sword named needle that she kept with her. This quote which arya said as she murdered walder frey and the rest of his family was pivotal in the show. It s a long story.

I never could have survived what you survived. No no that was your mistake. Slaughtered your guests after inviting them into your home.

I believe that s the nicest thing you ve ever said to me. I m arya stark the old man in his smelly black clothes was looking at her oddly but arya could not seem to stop talking. I was never going to be as good a lady as you.

It s not fighting it s water dancing. So i had to be something else. Well don t get used to it.

You re still very strange and annoying. 2 nothing isn t better or worse than anything. These quotes both by arya and about her truly say a lot about her character.

I imagine yours is too. You re the strongest person i know. Not a very pleasant one.

And each lesson makes us better in much the same way that the stark girl quotes lines spoken by her family she also shows her inspiration and devotion to syrio forel by speaking this inspirational line a variant of every hurt is a lesson and every lesson makes us better. Brave men all of you. Butchered a woman pregnant with her babe.

This arya stark quote is rated. This arya stark quote is rated.

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